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Oregano - Natural Antibiotic

Oregano (Origanum Vulgare) Natural Anti-biotic

Oregano can cause skin irritation or a very hot sensation – dilute 1:3 and follow up with Lavender or additional fractionated coconut oil. If a pregnant woman has not used essential oils previously, remember that Oregano can simulate menstruation, so use with great caution.

Oregano is steam distilled from leaves, and has a pungent (spicy, tangy and hot) and penetrating herbal scent.
Oregano (Origanum Vulgare): antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti- parasitic, antiseptic (amazing when diffused or spritzed into areas in eliminating air borne viruses and neg.grm.bacteria), antiviral, immune stimulant, lice repellent, whooping cough, warming and calming. (Due to the purity of dōTERRA Oregano very little goes a long way – use very little and then reapply every half hour if you need to.)

Oregano is a very effective essential oil that knocks out common intestinal, skin and lung infections, including staph, strep and pneumonia. Oregano may be helpful with colds, asthma, bacterial and viral pneumonia, bronchitis (chronic), mental disease, pulmonary tuberculosis, athlete’s foot, skin parasites, jock itch (always diluted).

Airborne viruses are tricky and elusive little critters, responsible for colds, flu, herpes, shingles, mumps, chicken pox, etc. One of the most unpleasant things about viruses is that they use your cells as a host, even to the point of manipulating DNA and RNA, which provide instructions for cell operations. This makes viruses especially difficult to eradicate without harming your own cells.  Medical science can’t touch most viral infections – when a doctor prescribes an antibiotic for a viral infection it is only to try to help you with the bacterial infection that might follow the weakened immune system left by the viral infection. Their adaptogenic and opportunistic nature is amazing as they have the ability to hide in the spine or fatty tissues and warm places in the body.  When we get a little overtired, we can start to feel sick in the throat or intestines.

As a nerve tonic, Oregano calms and quiets almost any nervous upset. (Oregano 2 drops, Lavender 4 drops, DigestZen 3 drops in capsule). It is relaxing and can help overcome insomnia. It can ease irritability and tension. It reduces stress and anxiety while restoring emotional balance. It helps to clarify thinking and promote a positive attitude.

MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylocococus Aureus) -Basically an infection that antibiotics can no longer help with because the bacteria (adaptogenic) and the viruses are smarter than the chemicals (Antibiotics)—it is often picked up in hospitals when an opening in the body allows entry (wound, cut, mouth etc.) with weakened immune system. Drink plenty of water, use oils on the bottoms of feet every hour – whether the infection is in soft tissue or bone - Oregano, On Guard, Frankincense –3 drops of each followed by coconut oil, to cool off in like 10 minutes, unless too hot –apply coconut oil as needed–put on thick cotton socks, next, in hour use Lavender, Lemon and Melaleuca – 3 drops of each on the bottoms of feet. Keep up hourly rotation until fever is reduced and then use oils every 4 hours for 3 days and then twice a day for 5 days. dōTERRA CPTG essential oils have proven effective with infections that medication cannot – trust mother nature to do the job but allow time for them to work and keep person hydrated.

A few uses for Oregano:

Post Traumatic Syndrome: on the hands use 3-4 drops of Lavender, 3 drops of Elevation, and 2 drops of Oregano. Rub combination into hands and wrists like it is hand lotion and allow person to inhale gently and keep rubbing until oils are absorbed – drink water.
Skin Tags: apply Oregano undiluted on skin tags each night and watch them disappear – if becomes too warm after application, and then apply coconut oil to cool down or lavender.
Candida overgrowth: ingest oils in capsule – Myrrh 2 drops, Melaleuca 4 drops, Oregano 2 drops, Coconut oil 4 drops, -- 3 times a day with food for at least 10 days. PB Assist, GX Assist also excellent for diminishing.
Sore Throat –  2 drops of Oregano in water and gargle – but be prepared for a serious heat on the sore area –very strong – you will definitely get rid of whatever was hurting your throat quickly – but it is very strong!! Can gargle again in 4 hours.
Thrush in the mouth: use Oregano 2 drops, mixed with vegetable oil 15 drops, and swab the inside of the mouth.
Nail Fungus: Toenails – apply around the nail bed and on top of the nail; Oregano 1 drop, Melaleuca 4 drops, Myrrh 2 drops, and Lavender 4 drops – apply each morning and evening consistently.
Aggressive Nail Fungus Remedy: apply only on the toe that has manifested fungus and not on sore skin or blisters: Oregano 3 drops, Thyme 2 drops, and Fractionated Coconut Oil 10 drops. Apply morning and night.
Fingernail Fungus: Melaleuca 4 drops, Myrrh 3 drops, and Lemon 4 drops - massage into cuticle and around nail bed several times a day.
Chronic sinus issues: apply on bottoms of feet nightly – roller bottle fine – Oregano 2 drops, Roman Chamomile 5 drops, Lavender 6 drops, and Fractioned Coconut Oil 5 drops. Must keep this up for at least three weeks consistently.
Warts on the bottoms of the feet: Planter’s Wart – Oregano 2 drops, On Guard 2 drops, and Lavender 4 drops, put on cotton socks, each night, keep applying even though pain is gone and may be difficult to detect wart until the natural whorls of the foot print are visible in the sunlight.

If Lice Settlements have been reported in your school or work environment: To prevent Lice: add 4 drops of oregano to a mixture of 1-ounce vinegar and 1 ounce of water. Use as a hair rinse.
If a Lice Settlement chooses your head, to get rid of it:
1. Mix 20 drops of Melaluca, 10 drops of Rosemary, 8 drops of Oregano, 8 drops of Lavender, and 2 ounces of vegetable oil.
2. Apply the oil to dry hair, cover with a plastic bag or shower cap, and then wrap your head in a towel.
3. After 1 hour, shampoo your hair without wetting it first to help remove the oil, rinse and shampoo again. (If your head feels irritated before the hour is up go ahead and rinse out right away).
4. Lice eggs are very resistant, so repeat this treatment in a week and then again in 2 weeks to destroy any newly hatched lice.
In between treatments do a preventive hair rinse. Add the same number of drops as above to 1 cup of vinegar, shake the mixture very well then add 1⁄4 cup of it to 1 cup of water and use this as your final hair rinse, making sure you rub it well into your scalp. Lightly rinse with water.

Immune System Booster: Apply to the entire bottom of the feet 9 nights in a row and put on thick cotton socks: (Apply in layers as individual oils.) 2-3 drops of each Balance, Basil, Thyme, Oregano, Wild Orange, Wintergreen, Cypress, Marjoram, and Peppermint. Optional next – can be soothing and warming. Pyrex (glass) rectangle heated to 160 degrees after socks on wrap big towel under dish and up and over with stocking feet inside the nice warm glass dish for 10 minutes.
With doTerra exceptional oils we cook with them and season with them. Oregano can be added to stews and casseroles when the boiling stops and the cool down happens. It takes very little amounts of the oil to affect the flavor.


NOTE: The advice shared in this document has not been evaluated by the FDA. The products and methods recommended are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease, nor is it intended to replace proper medical help. Kindly understand that essential oils work to help to bring the body into balance - thus helping the body's natural defenses to restore homeostasis. Essential oils are not used to "treat" medical problems. Thank you for your sharing with others.


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