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Cypress for Varicose Veins, and much more...

Since Cypress is on sale this month, I thought this would be valuable information to pass along.  My good friend is reporting that her spider veins have been disappearing since she started using using Cypress!!  Read more about the many uses below, as provided by Dr. Susan Lawton.

Cupressus sempervirens

The Cypress (cupressaceae family) is a conifer that is found all over the world. The variety used for essential oils commonly comes from southern Europe. The essential oil is extracted from the cones and leaves of the tree. The most ancient living Cypress is located in Abarkooh, near Shiraz. Its age is estimated to be approximately 4000 years. dōTERRA Cypress interestingly comes from the Isle of Crete. It is steam distilled from the needles, twigs and cones (about 30 pounds will yield 1 pound of oil) of the tree. Sometimes the oil is used in men’s colognes and aftershaves. Cypress Oil is clear, and has a woody, nutty quality with a hint of spice.

Because Cypress is such a strong astringent, in much of the literature it is recommended for concerns that take advantage of this property. This includes items such as skin care, hemorrhoids, varicose veins and excess perspiration or undesirable odor of the feet. Cypress is often recommended for hemorrhoids using a wash, sitz bath, or direct application with or without a carrier. The same ointment can be used for varicose veins applied topically lightly to the area (no massage) with light strokes toward the heart. Cypress is a gentle diuretic. Some mention Cypress benefiting the symptoms of asthma when diffused properly. It is useful for all bronchial complaints and lung diseases like Tuberculosis, Whooping Cough and Pleurisy (use with Myrrh and Wild Orange).

All Recommendations or Suggestions are effective only with doTerra CPTG Oils

Studies have been made for internal treatment of whooping cough, the spitting up of blood, spasmodic coughs, colds, flu and sore throats. Studies have also explored cypress’ effectiveness as an astringent to aid varicose veins, hemorrhoids and tightening up the blood vessels. A University in Japan studied cypress foot baths to counter excessive sweating. Improves circulation and strengthens blood capillaries; anti-infectious, anti-rheumatic, astringent, calmative, deodorant, Prostatic decongestant, antispasmodic, discourages fluid retention; creates an atmosphere within the head (neurotonic) to reduce plaque on the brain and the hearing nerves.  Due to it’s nature of improving circulatory system Cypress is great for supporting quality of life for diabetes, phlebitis and lymphatic system issues. Cypress is great for relieving acne, skin rashes, and rheumatic pain. Cypress has a special relationship with circulation in the lower abdomen for bladder health and female monthly discomfort and decongesting the Prostate. Cypress works well with muscle and tissue repair oils for rapid recovery after injury or surgical repair. Cypress can increase mental energy and attentiveness by reducing drowsiness and irritability. A drop of the essential oil on your pillow or diffused will lessen laryngitis, spasmodic coughing, relieve sinus congestion. (Some clients who have had their Gall Bladders removed report that Cypress is a great sedative if applied to the inside of the forearms or on the chest. Sleep happens fast, no idea why – just reporting results). Valnet suggested Cypress was an extraordinary oil to discourage cancer growth because of its’ ability to help cells remember the value of fluid balance and oxygen processing. Cypress can be used as a safe insect repellant for dogs against fleas and ticks (spritz along back of head and along the back before a run in the woods or apply on the skin between the fir strands-diluted 1:1). Works on people if spritz on legs and arms too.

Cypress’ (Emotional) Therapeutic properties

The sour, astringent, and woody notes of the essence convey a feeling of cohesion and stability. At the same time, its fresh, coniferous (tall pine tree) pungency, and ability to circulate the Qi and blood, both relate it to both psychological transition and real-life change. Cypress oil’s basic subtle action is to help us cope with and accept even difficult change—of both an inner and outer nature.  Encourages the process of ―taking in and letting go;‖ of the ability to accept and relinquish, dissolving remorse and instilling optimism, Cypress oil helps us to flow with the flux of life (getting unstuck).

Cypress diffused and applied on the vita flex points for the chest, can be a great support through the grieving process to allow suppressed, obstructive feelings to emerge to consciousness, liberating the energy that we spend in keeping them locked within. Self doubt can be relieved about possibilities for achieving personal happiness, encouraging the processing of old habits and patterns no longer necessary to get thru stressful situations. Mixes well with Bergamot, Clary Sage, Frankincense, Geranium, Lavender, Lemon, Marjoram, Myrrh, Sandalwood and Wild Orange.

All applications to do with vascular repair apply gently, upward motion.... 

Calming bath: Cypress 5 drops, Marjoram 3 drops, Melissa 3 drops, Lemon 3 drops,Geranium 1 drop, and Fractionated Coconut Oil 1 teaspoon.

To aid in stimulating and detoxifying the Lymphatic System: Lymphatic Blend: 3 drops Cypress, 1 drop Wild Orange, and 2 drops Grapefruit

Phlebitis Blend: 10 drops Lemon, 5 drops cypress, and 4 drops White Fir Chest 

Rub for Coughs: 2 ounces Fractionated Coconut Oil, 3 drops White Fir, 2 drops
Frankincense, 3 drops Cypress, 3 drops Ginger, 2 drops Thyme, and 1 drop Melaleuca.

Varicose Vein Blend: 4 drops Geranium, 1 drop Wintergreen, 1 drop Cypress, and 1 Drop Helichrysum

Cellulite elimination blend: 10 drops of Grapefruit, 5 drops of Lavender, 3 drops of Helichrysum, 3 drops Patchouli, and 4 drops of Cypress.

To Relieve Hypochondria: 5 Lavender and 4 drops Cypress

Powerful Brain Cleaner and Revitalizing Blend: Apply to bones behind the ears, the back of the neck up into the hair line, the forehead daily AM and PM. Helps with focus and if used daily for a minimum of 3 weeks can promote detoxing of heavy metal toxins and petrochemicals from the tissues in the brain; if funny taste appears in the mouth upon waking in the morning keep up the process for 6 more weeks. Minimum to purge old blockages....Must drink water to be really effective – 65% of body weight in ounces of just plain water.... Frankincense 10 drops, Sandalwood 7 drops, Melissa 5 drops, Cypress 6 drops, Lavender 6 drops, and Helichrysum 5 drops.

Cardiovascular Lymphatic system tune up: Cypress 4 drops, Marjoram 3, Helichrysum 2 drops, Ylang-Ylang 3 drops, and Patchouli 2 drops. Gently blend and apply to chest and vita flex points for conditioning blood pressure and vascular system healing.

Sitz Bath for Cystitis: (may also help with leaky bladder) 1⁄4 teaspoon of Epsom salts, Cypress 2 drops, Bergamot 1 drop, Thyme 1 drop, and Melaleuca 3 drops. Add oils to Epsom salts and then warm water to a shallow tub. Sit hip-deep in the tub for 15 minutes once or twice a day until the symptoms subside. (Unsweetened Cranberry juice, PB Assist and water consumption will help also)

General Circulation Blend and Tonic: 10 Drops of Wintergreen, 8 drops of Marjoram, 4 drops of Cypress, 3 drops of Basil and 2 drops of Peppermint.

Nosebleed Blend: 2 drops Cypress, 3 drops Geranium, and 2 drops of Lavender. 

Neck Pain and Stiffness Relief Blend: 7 drops Basil, 5 Drops Wintergreen, 4 drops of
Cypress and 2 drops of Peppermint.

Mental Clarity in assisting retention of information: Cypress 5 drops, Rosemary 5 drops, Coriander 5 drops, and Fractionated Coconut Oil 1 tablespoon, gently mix and apply to the back of the neck and on bones behind the ears.

Mental Clarity when Seasons Change: Cypress 3 drops, Bergamot 5 drops, Peppermint 5 drops, Cinnamon 2 drops, and Fractionated Coconut Oil 1 tablespoon.

Sprains: Cypress 5 drops, Roman Chamomile 5 drops, Peppermint 5 drops, and Fractionated Coconut Oil 1 tablespoon.

Bruise Blend (to strengthen capillaries and speed reabsorbing of blood that had collected in the tissue) Big or little, deep or wide—it works! 5 drops Helichrysum, 4 drops Cypress, 3 drops Lavender, 3 drops Lemongrass, and 3 drops Geranium.

Decongesting Massage Blend: Cypress 4 drops, Rosemary 4 drops, Roman Chamomile 3 drops, White Fir 3 drops, Cinnamon 3 drops, Thyme 2 drops , Fractionated Coconut Oil 4 teaspoons.

Gentle Diuretic for excess fluid in legs and ankles: Cypress 5 drops, White Fir 5 drops, Grapefruit 5 drops, Patchouli 3 drops, Helichrysum 3 drops, Fractionated Coconut Oil 4 teaspoons.

General Mood Lifting Blend: Cypress 3 drops, Peppermint 5 drops, Thyme 4 drops, Grapefruit 4 drops, and Fractionated Coconut Oil 1 tablespoon.

Breathe More Easily in Stuffy Rooms Spritzer Blend: Cypress 30 drops, Eucalyptus 40 drops, Lemon 40 drops, Lavender 25 drops, Grapefruit 20 drops, 4 fluid ounces of pure water and 1⁄4 teaspoon of Epsom salts; pour oils into Epsom salts first and then add water to container with spritzer head and shake gently and spritz and breathe and enjoy.

Esteem Boosting Bath: 4 tablespoons of Epsom salts, Bergamot 3 drops, Cypress 2 drops, Patchouli 1 drop, Ylang-Ylang 1 drop, and White Fir 1 drop.

To Relieve Tension and Stress Induced Exhaustion: 6 drops Cypress, 4 drops Lavender, and 2 drops Clary Sage.

To Shift Feelings of Remorse and Inferior Self Judgment: 4 drops Cypress, 5 drops White Fir, and 4 drops Marjoram.

To Shift from a persistent sense of loss: 6 drops Cypress, 4 drops Frankincense, and 3 drops Elevation.

To Relieve Deep Inertia of the Spirit: 4 drops Cypress and 2 drops Ginger. 

To Relieve Hemorrhoids: 2 drops Cypress and 2 drops Geranium.

To Relieve Charley Horses: 2 drops Cypress and 2 drops Lemongrass


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NOTE: The advice shared in this document has not been evaluated by the FDA. The products and methods recommended are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease, nor is it intended to replace proper medical help. Kindly understand that essential oils work to help to bring the body into balance - thus helping the body's natural defenses to restore homeostasis. Essential oils are not used to "treat" medical problems. Thank you for your sharing with others.

Respectfully researched by Dr. Susan Lawton and submitted to support effective usage of doTerra Cypress Essential Oil.


  1. If you have varicose veins, heavy legs may feel tired, restless, or achy. Standing or sitting too long may worsen your symptoms.


  2. The varicose veins are dark blue in color and are painful too. This appear on legs in small area and then cover the larger are of the skin. The varicose veins treatment is best for removing these veins.

    varicose veins

  3. I know many people who are experiencing good results with diligent and consistent application of essential oils. Essential oils offer a natural, safe alternative. Before scheduling surgery, why not try essential oils and see what they might do for you.

  4. Fastest and easiest way to get ride of varicose veins is EVLT. Its laser treatment so no pain. But it have some risk of phlebitis and slight burning.Immediately following your procedure your leg will be bandaged to apply pressure to the vein. Treatment should be followed by an immediate return to normal activities.

  5. Fastest and easiest way to get ride of varicose veins is EVLT. Its laser treatment so no pain. But it have some risk of phlebitis and slight burning.Immediately following your procedure your leg will be bandaged to apply pressure to the vein. Treatment should be followed by an immediate return to normal activities.

  6. Some people are afraid to do treatment of vein by laser and surgery. This Cypress for Varicose Veins will be help for them because they don't want Laser and surgery treatments.

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  8. I want to try this remedy. It's easy to think surgery (stripping or injection or even laser) would be the answer to "bad" veins, but they come back again. Plus, after I had the stripping, then injections, my blood pooled in my leg because the remaining veins didn't support enough blood flow! I ended up on Trentol (the med. that changes the shape of your blood cells so they will more easily go back up the leg) and if I hadn't kept myself upside down/prone with ace bandages & ice packs for most of 6 days (I took off work), I would still have an "elephant leg" I swim often, elevate my legs, wear nonconstrictive clothes, balance my hormones, and avoid simple carbs/sugar (always made inflammation worse). I started really exercising & it is also helping! I can stand a little while with no support on now.

  9. Nice post, very helpful for us.I will come back here again & again...:)
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  10. I got my varicose veins removed about 3 months ago at the usa vein clinic in Brooklyn,NY. The procedure was in office, and only lasted about 15 minutes. I didn't even experience any pain at all. My insurance even paid for 100% of the cost of the procedure. I am glad I chose to get the laser procedure done instead of surgery. Studies even show that those who get varicose vein surgery done instead of a laser procedure are more likely to have their varicose veins to return.

  11. There are a lot of supplements, oils and creams who can save many people from spider veins, as per my spider vein removal treatment center. Cypress is such a good suggestion. Thanks for sharing this!

  12. I got lot of help from your post. I came through your post how Cypress helpful for Varicose Veins and found it is very effective and a Natural Varicose Vein Treatment

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