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BASIL: Valued for its restorative and calming properties, Basil is commonly used to soothe sore muscles and joints, to ease breathing, and as a cooling agent for the skin.

(Ocimum Basilicum)

Caution: Avoid during pregnancy, not for use for people with Epilepsy and may irritate sensitive skin (dilute w/coconut).

Basil is a hairy plant, grows up to three feet in height, and has white flowers. It is a native of Asia, but is now grown in Europe, North Africa, and Reunion.
Basil essential oil is among the oils I immediately think of when I need an oil that helps stimulate my mind and allow me to focus on the task at hand. Basil oil is an energizing oil and is best used during the morning and daytime hours. Blends well with Bergamot, Helichrysum, Lavender, Geranium, Wintergreen, Cypress, Frankincense, Wild Orange, Rosemary, White Fir, Myrrh.

Basil Essential Oil also tends to be one of the first oils that I select to relieve cold symptoms. It is considered anti-bacterial/anti-viral, it acts as an expectorant and it also helps keep one alert. Basil Oil is also said to help with headaches, nervous depression, poisonous insect and snakebites, fevers and malaria.

Basil is: anti-bacterial, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-spasmodic (powerful), antiviral, decongestant (veins, arteries of the lungs, prostate), diuretic, disinfectant (urinary/pulmonary), stimulant (nerves, adrenal cortex), and uplifting. Basil is also anti-catarrhal, anti-depressant, energizing, and restorative.

Basil Oil effective with: Bronchitis, colds, coughs, exhaustion, flatulence, flu, gout, insect repellent, muscle aches, rheumatism, sinusitis, chronic mucus, ovarian cysts, whooping cough, earaches, fainting, fatigue (mental), hiccups, poor memory, rhinitis (inflammation of the nasal mucus membranes).

Basil is relaxing to muscles, both the striated and smooth muscles (those not subject to our voluntary control, such as the heart and digestive system). It can sooth insect bites when applied topically, beneficial for mental fatigue, it may help stimulate and sharpen the sense of smell, relieve migraines,
mental fatigue, and scanty menstrual periods. Effective in treating Shingles.

Suggestions work with doTerra CPTG essential oils only!!


Immune Boosting Layers for bottoms of Feet: Balance 2 drops, Basil 3 drops, Marjoram 3 drops, Cypress 2 drops, Birch 2 drops, Oregano 2 drops, Thyme 2 drops, Balance 2 more drops.  Layer on the bottoms of the feet one oil at a time and then put on cotton socks and drink plenty of water and relax at change of seasons.

Earaches: Basil with Geranium (1 t 1) applied on the bones behind the ears and down the Eustacian tubes. (Never put oils directly into the ear canal. Dilute as recommended, and apply 1-2 drops on surface of the ear and behind the ear on the mastoid bone. Apply 1 drop oil to small cotton ball, and place over opening to ear canal (do not press into the ear canal). Place 1 drop oil on cotton swab, and swab around the ear canal.

Fatigue: Basil 2 drops, Rosemary 2 drops, blend together and apply to bones behind the ears and rub hands together and make warm and then inhale –great for long drives to stay clear.

Mental Fatigue: Basil 3 drops, Lemongrass 3 drops, Coconut oil
6 drops, gently blend and then apply to temples, back of neck and bottoms of feet –Diffuse: Basil 3 drops – Lemongrass 3 drops … add to Lotus Diffuser…

Painful Periods: Mix Basil 3 drops with Clary Sage 3 drops and coconut oil 3 drops – in a glass container mix gently and apply 3-4 drops on abdomen for relief – can rub every hour – drink plenty of water.

Migraine Headache: Basil 4 drops, Ylang Ylang 3 drops, Marjoram 3 drops, coconut oil 6 drops, gently blend and apply to back of neck, muscles at base of neck and on temples. Drink water.

Hornet, Wasps and Bee Stings: Basil 2 drops, Lavender 4 drops, Coconut oil 4 drops – put into spritzer bottle and spritz directly onto site of sting every ½ hour.

Spider Bites: Basil 3 drops, Lemon 3 drops – spritz on area directly. Purify if you are pregnant or prone to epileptic seizures.

Shoulder (Frozen): Basil 3 drops, Wintergreen 3 drops, Peppermint 4 drops, Coconut oil 8 drops, gently blend and apply
3-4 times a day – drink plenty of water.

Hepatitis: Basil 4 drops, Myrrh 4 drops, Cypress 4 drops, and Fractionated Coconut Oil 8 drops. Gently blend and apply over liver and on the vita flex points for liver on the feet and hands. Can put 2 drops in a capsule twice a day.

Cramps/Charley Horses: Basil 4 drops, Lemongrass 2 drops, Marjoram 2 drops, Coconut oil 6 drops gently blend and apply to calves that have the cramps.

Before you exercise for muscle tone: Basil 4 drops, Cypress 3 drops, Rosemary 3 drops, Lavender 3 drops, coconut oil 8 drops; combine in bottle, gently shake and apply to muscles prior to exercise to enhance muscle tone and minimize soreness.

Adrenal Cortex Stimulant:

Many inquiries about ideas to clear hearing:
Hearing loss and wax removal: Water intake must be 75% of body weight in ounces daily – start early – GxAssist – PBAssist; during the treatment cycle very important to avoid white sugar, diet soda, dehydration and constipation. Once a week for 9 weeks apply the following to the ear tissue and bones back of ears and down the sides of the throat the following layered oils to relieve the tissues of yeast, polymer toxins and some heavy metal molecules that may be clogging the celia (zillions of tiny hairs that move to the vibration of sound) and pathways of the hearing instruments. Basil, Geranium, Helichrysum, Balance/Serenity blended 1:1,; apply 1-2 drops of each oil in layers on the tissue of the ear itself, gently rubbing and pulling the ear gently away from the head with each oil and then spread the remainder on your fingers down the neck over the Eustacian tubes. Evenings is best 1 – 2 hours before sleep – be consistent and expect some motivated release of wax and such – drink lots of water – even Fennel tea a couple days a week will support deep cleansing. If the hearing loss is part of the grieving process it may be helpful to put Balance over the heart and Frankincense on the back of the neck during this treatment and expect to feel different.


Researched and presented by Dr. Susan Lawton, 2011. 

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